FAQ - Campusbookrentals

Can I write or highlight in my books?
Yes, you can. Just remember that future students will rent the same book after you, so be respectful. Keep highlighting and writing to what is necessary.
How do I return my books when I'm done with them?
USPS logo EASY! WE PROVIDE YOUR PREPAID RETURN ENVELOPE! After your books arrive, we'll send you an envelope that has a USPS prepaid and pre-addressed label already attached. Simply open it up, place your book(s) inside, and drop the package off at the nearest USPS blue mailbox or post office. This is the only acceptable way to return books. It insures that your books are returned to the correct location and the tracking that is built into each label gives you peace of mind. It's one more thing we do to make the textbook rental process as painless as possible. When we receive your textbooks, your account will be updated to show the books were returned and you'll receive a confirmation email. This return process completes the rental cycle.
How do I pay for my textbook rental?
Credit card payments are processed securely during the checkout procedure. All major credit cards are accepted. We cannot accept cash or money orders, and we are not taking orders over the phone at this time.
What if I drop my class?
We offer 21 day worry free guarantee. If you drop your class or change your mind for any reason, return your book within 21 days of your order date for a full refund.
How much can I save?
Students typically see a savings of 50% to 85% over new or used purchases. Some students will see even greater savings of up to 90 or 95%. Just do a quick search of your books and you'll see for yourself.
How long will it take for my books to arrive?
It depends on the shipping method you select. After a 24-48 hour processing period (excluding weekends and major holidays), it typically takes 7-14 business days for standard shipping, 5-8 business days for expedited. Shipping times may vary based on weather, delivery routes, and other factors out of our control. If your book has not arrived by the expected arrival date, contact us immediately and we'll work closely with you on a quick resolution. Our support staff is second to none.
Will the books come directly from CampusBookRentals.com?
It depends. Some textbooks are shipped directly from one of our suppliers to your door, so they won't be branded with the CampusBookRentals.com logo. Book suppliers may leave a receipt or return labels inside the books you receive; however, these should be completely disregarded as they have nothing to do with your rental price or your method of returning the books. Your line of customer support will always be with CampusBookRentals.com and all books must be returned to the CampusBookRentals.com warehouse located in Ogden, UT.
Are the books the exact same as my school bookstore?
Yes they are; based upon the search and verification you perform. Our search function allows you to see all details of the book which will ensure that the book is the same as what is in your bookstore. Books may be paperback or hardcover at the discretion of CampusBookRentals.com and based on availability from our suppliers at the time of rental. They may also be an instructor's copy if it is determined by us or our supplier that the content is identical and it is our last option of supply. It is our policy not to ship international versions of textbooks. Should you mistakenly receive an international version from one of our suppliers, contact us immediately for a replacement copy. PLEASE REMEMBER that books are not guaranteed to have supplements such as CD's, access codes, additional study manuals, etc.
What kind of condition are the books in?
All textbooks are in an acceptable used, like new or new condition. We strive to provide you with high quality textbooks similar to new and used books in your school bookstore. After all, we'd like to rent the book to someone else once you're done with it, so it's in our interest to provide quality textbooks.
Do the books come with all supplemental materials?
Because books we provide are potentially used, we cannot guarantee that your book will include student access codes, CD ROMs, workbook packages, etc. Supplemental materials are often used or damaged during the book's initial use, and cannot be obtained or re-used. Please be sure you either have access to supplemental materials, or do not need them for your classes. Most professors do not require the supplemental materials that come with the core textbooks.
What if I need to keep my book longer than the rental period?
Our rental periods should provide ample time for you to complete your classes, but if you find yourself needing to extend your rental period or re-rent the book altogether, simply access your account, select the book or books you wish to extend or re-rent, and you will be led to several options prior to checkout. You can extend 15 or 30 days, or re-rent the book all together at a stellar discount.
What if I want to keep my book after I've rented it?
No problem. The amount you pay to purchase your book is the difference between what you already paid to rent it, and the value of the book. Simply access your account, select the book or books you wish to buy, and click the "Buy Checked" button. You'll be taken through the checkout process just like when you rented the books, and your account will be updated to show the new status of purchased.
Do I need to have a CampusBookRentals.com account?
Yes. For shipping and email notification purposes, you need to register. It's absolutely free. You can also login to your account to check your rental history, rental status, etc.
Is there a membership fee or any other kind of fee?
Absolutely not. We don't believe in gimmicky fees or confusing plans. Just rent the books you need when you need them for a low one-time price.
How does loss/damage protection work and why should I protect my books?
When you select the loss/damage protection option, your book is protected against theft, loss, and damage for the entire rental period. For a very low price, you can have peace of mind that your rentals are covered so you can worry about your classes, not your books. See our Service Policy for detailed information on our loss/damage protection program.
How will books arrive at my residence?
Via USPS, UPS, FedEx, or DHL at the discretion of CampusBookRentals.com or its suppliers.
Will all of my books arrive in one package?
It depends. If they come directly from our inventory, they will; however, we use several suppliers across the nation to insure the textbooks you order are available and arrive in a timely manner. This could result in your books coming from different suppliers who use different shipping carriers. Even books that are sold as a package set in your school bookstore could come individually to your shipping address. In the end however, all books must be sent back to the CampusBookRentals.com warehouse located in Ogden, UT.
Will I get my books on time?
As with any online purchase, it depends on when you order. Please provide yourself ample time to get your books before you need them.
What if my books don't show up?
We do our best to ensure we track your books and get them to you on time. Like any package delivery system, on very rare occasion, packages can be lost along the way. Please notify CampusBookRentals.com if your books fail to show up. After some initial investigation, if it is determined that your books may be lost, we will immediately expedite at no extra charge a replacement book.
Do you only cater to certain schools?
No. The service is available nationally to any person. In fact, you need not be attending school to rent books from CampusBookRentals.com.
Why is the rental price different than the last time I checked?
Rental prices are subject to change on a continuous basis according to our availability and price lists. There is no guarantee of a quoted price unless the textbook is placed in the shopping cart and checked out during that shopping session.
How do I get a quote?
Simply type in an ISBN, Author, Title, or Keyword into the search box on any of our pages. Click on the book you need, and the rental price will be displayed along with your shipping and damage protection options.

FAQ - Rentback

What is RentBack?
RentBack makes you money and puts the textbook market in your hands like never before. With RentBack, you can send the textbooks you own to our warehouse using our free shipping labels. We’ll rent them to other students, and pass the profits from those rentals to you. Your single book may rent multiple times, and we’ll pass the profits to you each and every time. We’ll put our warehouse, technology, shipping contracts, textbook data, pricing engines, marketing expertise, and distribution channels to work for you. You send the books to us; we manage 100% of the process and send you the cash each semester. We'll even send your books back to you when their useful life ends if you wish. We’ll take a small and very transparent fee, but that’s it.
How do I send my textbooks to you?
It’s easy and free. Print the USPS priority return shipping label that is available at the end of your RentBack creation process. Package all of your books neatly into one package and tape the USPS priority return shipping label to the package and put it in the mail (drop it off at the nearest USPS blue mailbox, post office, or your mailbox for carrier pick-up). Tracking is built into your label and available in your customer account page. Shipping is free to you.
Can I include RentBack books with my CampusBookRentals returns?
Yes, please do. Just be sure to include your RentBack packing slip inside the package so we can make sure the books are accurately marked as active inside your account. Your packing slip will print along with the free shipping label.
What if my shipping label doesn’t print?
Call or email our live customer service support team and they will email you a USPS priority return shipping label. 855-200-0021 or help@rentback.com.
How will I know when you get my textbook?
You will receive an email letting you know that we have your books and they are ready for rent.
What happens once I send my textbooks to you?
Your books will arrive at our warehouse in about three days, be marked as active in your customer account, and be available to rent through all of our channels at CampusBookRentals.com. You’ll receive an email confirming we’ve received your books OK.
Why do I need an account?
For payment and email notification purposes, you need to register. It's absolutely free. You can also login to your account to check your book history, status, etc.
Is my RentBack account different than my CampusBookRentals.com account?
No, both RentBack and Rental information are contained within the same customer account.
When will I be paid?
You can request funds disbursement any time your account has a positive balance. We’ll notify you via email the moment your book rents and funds are available for disbursement.
How will I get paid?
By personal check, PayPal, or you can choose to donate to charity. You’ll choose when you login to your account and request disbursement.
How much money will I make?
You receive the entire rental fee minus the $19.00 shipping and handling expense. We can’t guarantee a set dollar amount; however, you should see a much better return than selling your book outright.
Am I guaranteed to make money?
You can look at your textbooks as investments, and as with any investment, there are no guarantees. We have robust data and pricing engines that have allowed CampusBookRentals to be a strong and profitable business over the past five years. These tools are now yours to move your textbooks and to create profits for you. Because of unforeseen market conditions and such, we can’t guarantee you’ll make money.
I hear you guys will donate my earnings to charity if I choose. How does that work?
Correct. If you choose, we’ll donate your earnings to the charity of your choice. When you request funds disbursement from your account, you’ll be given the chance to select a charitable donation as one of the options. We are organizing the most popular charities into a few groups to help you decide where you’d like to direct your donation. Please pick the group that best fits your giving style, and as always, our ears are open for more suggestions. We’ll submit payment to that cause on your behalf and in your name. We’ll send the receipt of the payment to you via email.
How will I know what’s happening with my textbook?
Log into your RentBack customer account and you will see a current status and a full history of each book.
Can I get my textbook back?
Yes you can. At any time you can end this transaction by calling your customer support team at 855.200.0021 or email at help@rentback.com. You will be charged $6.00 for your book to be sent back to you. If you request that multiple books be sent back, you will be charged $6.00 per book.
Will you sell my textbook?
Yes. Textbooks have a period of valuable life before a newer edition takes its place. Your book will be sold before the period of valuable life ends or at anytime if it is determined that the sales price will bring more cash to you than renting.
Will you take any textbook?
No. Most textbooks being used on campus currently are great books, however some have reached the end of their valuable life and we ask you to not send those in. Our five star rating system clearly indicates which books we will and won’t accept.
Will you just buy my textbook?
To be honest, we’d rather you make even more by maintaining ownership and renting it through our network. We are standing up for something better than buyback, and hope you’ll join us in the cause.
What are the shipping and handling expenses/Why $19.00?
There are expenses incurred in shipping your textbook back and forth multiple times per rental transaction, warehousing, labor and processing, and even marketing your book. Here is the breakdown:

Shipping and Packaging for multiple trips per rental: $11.70
Marketing: $3.30
Labor and Processing: $2.20
Profit for CampusBookRentals.com: $1.80
What happens if my textbook doesn’t rent?
The market could take an unexpected turn on a single textbook, and if it does we will sell it through one of our many channels rather than rent it. You will of course still see the profits from the sale. Books that neither rent or sell after a period of three years, will be disposed of through a worldwide literacy program or recycled according to our terms and conditions.
How do you rank my textbook?
Your textbook is run through a series of conditional tests using comprehensive data and algorithms that have been developed over the past five years. Using the easy to recognize five star system, a five star textbook has awesome potential to produce some good profits over the rest of its life; a one star, not so good.
When/How does this transaction end?
We will employ your textbook as long as we can to produce as much cash as possible for you. At some point your textbook will need to be sold before it goes completely obsolete. When any transaction happens, you will be notified by email and inside your customer account. The book history inside your account will show each rental event, and the eventual sale which ends the life of your book. Your book may also age out on the shelf (three years of non use), at which point we'll donate it to a worldwide literacy program, or recycle it according to our terms and conditions.
Why are you doing this?
Why not? We are passionate about saving students money, donating to and sustaining good causes, and building the smartest and most efficient textbook business on the planet. It has taken over five years to build CampusBookRentals to a point that we are now able to turn the business over to you. Because of the framework we have in place, you can put your textbooks to work and earn money for yourself or the causes you care about. This is what we’re passionate about, we want to see positive and lasting change in this industry, and we now have the foundation we need to facilitate that change. We look forward to working with you.

Have more questions? Feel free to email us at info@campusbookrentals.com.
We look forward to hearing from you!

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1. How do I track my books?
Log in to your account by clicking here. Once inside, you'll see your current textbook rentals listed along with a yellow box that says "track". Click there to view the tracking number and track your book(s). Note: not all books will have a tracking number, but most do and tracking numbers are loaded into your account as they become available.
2. How do I return my books?
Each time you rent textbooks from CampusBookRentals.com, you'll receive a bubble envelope with a prepaid USPS label attached to the outside. When you're done with your books, simply place them inside the return envelope and drop the package off at the nearest USPS drop box or Post Office. Shipping is all prepaid. PLEASE only use this method to return your books, because it will insure they arrive at the correct facility.
3. Can I write or highlight in my books?
You certainly can. Just remember that future students will rent the same book after you, so try to be respectful.
4. Are your books the same as my bookstore?
You can be confident when you rent textbooks from us, your books will be correct according to your order. We do not carry or ship international editions or reprints. We only ship US edition textbooks, which are the same as your campus bookstore. On occassion, if the only book we have available is a US teacher's edition, and if it is determined to be the same as the student edition page for page and word for word, we may elect to send it, though this is very rare.
5. How long does it take to get my books after I order?
It depends on the shipping method you choose. We offer free shipping anywhere in the contiguous US which can take 7-14 business days. If you choose expedited shipping you can expect your order in about a week (5-8 business days). Remember, we offer a 21 day no-hassle money-back guarantee if you drop your class, order the wrong book, or just plain change your mind. You won't even pay for shipping.
6. Are there any fees to sign up?
There are no fees for signup. When you rent textbooks from us, there are no membership fees, hidden fees, or anything unusual whatsoever. We display the price you pay to rent the book, and that's it. What you see is what you get.
7. Can anyone rent textbooks?
Yes, anyone can rent. You do not have to be attending school to rent textbooks from us.
8. Can I purchase my book after I rent it?
Yes, you can. You're only charged the difference between what you already paid to rent the book, and the value of the book at the time you initially rented. This is what makes renting textbooks so cool; it saves you money, while still allowing you to purchase the book if you'd like to. If you decide to keep a book, simply log in to your customer account, choose to purchase your book, and it will walk you through the checkout process.
9. Are there late fees?
We will do our best to make returning your book(s) simple and easy. As stated above, we even provide the return package with a prepaid label already attached. If however, books are not returned at the end of the rental period (and after the grace period), as specified in the rental agreement, the renter will be notified via email that their card will be charged for a 15 day extension of their book(s). If the book is not returned by the end of the 15 days the next charge will be for the purchase price of the book, which is: Market Value of Book at time of Rental - (Rental Fee + Extension) = Purchase Price of Book. We do work very hard to resolve every return discrepancy amicably. We want our customers to be happy and continue to rent textbooks throughout their college careers.

Renting Textbooks

Renting textbooks can save you a lot of money, and is a far superior alternative to buying your books. You can rent your textbooks without the risk of your books becoming devalued by the end of the semester and of course, you can easily rent them online. Over 1 million customers rent textbooks from us at over 5,800 college campuses across the nation. Join the movement, pay less for your college books, and save your hard-earned money.

Why Choose Us?

1. We have an excellent support staff and we're always only a phone call away.

2. We're one of the pioneers of the textbook rental movement. The textbook rental movement happened in the summer of 2007, and originally there were only three companies. We were one of the originals.

3. You save a lot of money when you rent textbooks. And if you want to keep your books at the end of the semester, just pay us the difference and the books are all yours.

4. If for any reason you change your mind about your book(s), you have 21 days to return them for a full refund.

Making A Difference

Our Making a Difference program is an important part of what we do.

We’re keeping our partnership with Operation Smile and have committed to donate a minimum of 80 additional surgeries between June 2013 and June 2014.

They are an incredible organization that forever changes children’s lives through reconstructive cleft lip surgeries. The long-term improvement in quality of life for the children that receive these surgeries is almost incomprehensible.

We’re honored to support the children of Operation Smile.