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American Experiences Vol. 1 9780321010308

American Experiences Vol. 1 | 4th Edition

Readings in American History

ISBN-10: 0321010302
ISBN-13: 9780321010308
PUBLISHER: Longman Publishing
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Product Description: VOLUME I. I. NEW ENGLAND LIFE. "God...Would Destroy Them, and Give Their Country to Another People...", Alfred W. Crosby. The Puritans and Sex, Edmund S. Morgan. The Witches of Salem Village, Kai T. Erikson. "Under the Banner of King Death": The Social World of the Anglo-American Pirates, 1716-1726, Marcus Rediker. II. SOUTHERN LIFE. Englishmen and Africans, Winthrop Jordan. Treatment of the Slaves, Alexander Falconbridge. Horses and Gentlemen, T.H. Breen. Swilling the Planters with Bumbo, Charles S. Sydnor. III. THE REVOLUTIONARY GENERATION. A "Most Undisciplined, Profligate Crew", James Kirby Martin. Establishing a Government, 1789, Forrest McDonald. "But a Common Man": Daniel Boone, John Mack Faragher. Wounded and Presumed Dead: Dying of Breast Cancer in Early America, James S. Olson. IV. ADJUSTING TO AMERICA. The Cult of True Womanhood: 1820-1860, Barbara Welter. "Making Night Hideous": Christmas Revelry and Public Order in Nineteenth-Century Philadelphia, Susan G. Davis. The Animal Trickster, Lawrence W. Levine. Folklore and Life Experience, Arnoldo De Leon and Saul Sanchez. Forgotten Forty-Niners, JoAnn Levy. V. THE AGE OF IMAGINATION. The Choice: The Jackson-Dickinson Duel, William A. DeGregorio. The Alamo: An American Epic, Paul Andrew Hutton. "From Utopia to Mill Town", Maury Klein. The Great Oneida Love-In, Morris Bishop. Gouge and Bite, Pull Hair and Scratch, Elliott J. Gorn. VI. AMERICANS DIVIDED. Notes on Mormon Polygamy, Stanley S. Ivins. The Slave Warehouse from Uncle Tom's Cabin, Harriet Beecher Stowe. The Southampton Slave Revolt, Henry F. Tragle. John Brown and the Paradox of Leadership Among American Negroes, David Potter. VII. CIVIL WAR AND RECONSTRUCTION. Johnny Reb and Billy Yank, Bell I. Wiley. John Wilkes Booth and the Politics of Assassination, James W. Clarke. The Knights of the Rising Sun, Allen W. Trelease. Day of the Longhorns, Dee Brown. VOLUME II. I. RECONSTRUCTION AND THE WEST. The Knights of the Rising Sun, Allen W. Trelease. Day of the Longhorns, Dee Brown. II. THE GILDED AGE. American Assassin: Charles J. Guiteau, James W. Clarke. The Wizard of Oz: Parable on Populism, Henry M. Littlefield. She Couldn't Have Done It, Even If She Did, Kathryn Allamong Jacob. The First Chapter of Children's Rights, Peter Stevens and Marian Eide. III. WAR AND PEACE IN A NEW CENTURY. Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders, Robert H. Maddox. Living and Dying in Packingtown, Chicago from the Jungle, Upton Sinclair. Rose Schneiderman and the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, Bonnie Mitelman. Jack Johnson Wins the Heavyweight Championship, Randy Roberts. The Trench Scene, Paul Fussell. IV. HEROES AND SOCIETY IN THE 1920'S. The Revolution in Manners and Morals, Frederick Lewis Allen. The Mood of the People, Roderick Nash. The Black Sox Scandal, Dean Smith. Organized Crime in Urban Society; Chicago in the Twentieth Century, Mark Haller. V. DEPRESSION AND WAR. F.D.R.'s Extra Burden, Bernard Asbell. The Black Blizzards Roll In, Donald Worster. Night of the Martians, Edward Oxford. My Guns: A Memoir of the Second World War, Roger J. Spiller. John Wayne Goes to War, Randy Roberts. VI. AMERICA IN THE AGE OF ANXIETY: 1945-1960. The Man Who Changed His Skin, Ernest Sharpe, Jr. American Prisoners of War in Korea: A Second Look at the "Something New in History" Theme, H.H. Wubben. Intellect on Television: The Quiz Show Scandals of the 1950's, Richard S. Tedlow. The Age of Conspiracy and Conformity: Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Stuart Samuels. VII. COMING APART: 1960-1990. Kennedy Liberalism, David Burner and Thomas R. West. Vietnam in the Comic Books, Bradford Wright. The Elvis Presley Phenomenon, Greil Marcus. Liberalism Overthrown, Matthew Dallek Perfect Bodies, Eternal Youth: The Obsession of Modern America, Randy Roberts and James S. Olsen.

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