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Ancient Greek Colonies in the Black Sea 2 9781407301105

Ancient Greek Colonies in the Black Sea 2

ISBN-10: 1407301101
ISBN-13: 9781407301105
PUBLISHER: British Archaeological Reports Limited
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Product Description: This extensive publication aims to communicate to the widest possible readership a collection of papers that, for the main part, deal with established work in progress at sites of ancient Greek cities on the Black Sea, and the broader region. 1) Dionysopolis, its territory and neighbours in the pre-Roman times (Margarit Damyanov); 2) Bizone (Asen Emilov Salkin); 3) La Thrace Pontique et la mythologie Grecque (Zlatozara Gotcheva); 4) Burial and post-burial rites in the necropoleis of the Greek colonies on the Bulgarian Black Sea Littoral (Krystina Panayotova); 5) Le monnayage de Messambria et les Monnayages d'Apollonia, Odessos et Dionysopolis (Ivan Karayotov) ; 6) Durankulak - a Territorium Sacrum of the Goddess Cybele (Henrieta Todorova); 7) Kallatis (Alexandru Avram); 8) Tomis (Livia Buzoianu and Maria Barbulescu); 9) Necropoles Grecques du Pont Gauche: Istros, Orgamé, Tomis, Callatis (Vasilica Lungu); 10) 'L'histoire par les noms' dans les villes Grecques de Scythie et Scythie Mineure aux VIe-Ier Siecles av. J.-C.(Victor Cojocaru); 11) Tyras: The Greek City on the River Tyras (Tatyana Lvovna Samoylova); 12) The Ancient City of Nikonion (Natalya Mikhaylovna Sekerskaya); 13) Greek Settlements on the Shores of the Bay of Odessa and Adjacent Estuaries (Yevgeniya Fyodorovna Redina); 14) Achilles on the Island of Leuke (Sergey Borisovitch Okhotnikov and Anatoliy Stepanovitch Ostroverkhov); 15) Lower Dnieper Hillforts and the Influence of Greek Culture (2nd Century BC - 2nd Century AD) (Nadezhda Avksentyevna Gavrilyuk and Valentina Vladimirovna Krapivina); 16) Olbia Pontica in the 3rd-4th Centuries AD (Valentina Vladimirovna Krapivina); 17) Greek Imports in Scythia (Nadezhda Avksentyevna Gavrilyuk); 18) Distant Chora of Taurian Chersonesus and the City of Kalos Limen (Sergey Borisovitch Lantsov and Vladimir Borisovitch Uzhentzev); 19) Tauric Chersonesus and the Roman Empire (Vitaliy Mikhaylovitch Zubar); 20) The Scythian Neapolis and Greek Culture of the Northern Black Sea Region in the 2nd Century BC (Yuriy Pavlovitch Zaytsev); 21) Tyritake (Viktor Nikolaevitch Zinko); 22) Small and poorly studied towns of the ancient Kimmerian Bosporos (Alexander Alexandrovitch Maslennikov); 23) Iluraton: A Fortress of the 1st- 3rd centuries AD on the European Kimmerian Bosporos (Vladimir Anatolyevitch Gorontcharovskiy); 24) Torikos and the South-Eastern Periphery of the Bosporan Kingdom (7th C. BC - 3rd C. AD) (?lexey ?lexandrovitch Malyshev); 25) Greeks in the North Caucasus (?lexey ?lexandrovitch Malyshev); 26) The Necropolis of Kul Oba (Nikolay Fyodorovitch Fedoseev); 27) Akra and its Chora (Alexey Vladislavovitch Kulikov); 28) Kimmerikon (Vladimir Konstantinovitch Golenko); 29) Hellenism and Ancient Georgia (Vakhtang Licheli); 30) Greek Necropolis of Classical Period at Pichvnari (Amiran Kakhidze); 31) Ancient Greek Settlements in Eastern Thrace (Suemer Atasoy); 32) Cotyora, Kerasus and Trapezus: The Three Colonies of Sinope (Deniz Burcu Erciyas); 33) The Central Black Sea Region, Turkey, during the Iron Age: the Local Cultures and the Eurasian Horse-Riding Nomads (Sevket Dönmez); 34) Greek Fine Pottery in the Black Sea Region (Jan Bouzek).

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PAGES: 1262
CATEGORY: History, Social Science

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