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Young Ideas on Gender, Identity, and Sexuality

ISBN-10: 1413454364
ISBN-13: 9781413454369
PUBLISHER: Xlibris Corporation
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[Becoming] is a groundbreaking collection of creative work by people between the ages of 12 and 24 with a foreword written by Zoe Trope, the acclaimed teen author of Please Don´t Kill the Freshmen. Here´s what others are saying about [Becoming].

"This book is more than a collection of writings by queer youth it´s a celebration of their lives, their challenges, and their triumphs, a document of their culture that´s long overdue." Lori Selke, editor, Tough Girls

"Aren't all books with fierce, young voices supposed to evoke Holden Caulfield? Shouldn't I say something like: "Becoming is The Catcher in the Rye on hormones and enrolled in Harvey Milk High"? But Becoming is so over Mr. Caulfield's brand of coming-of-age. This collection does no less than remind us--no matter what age, orientation, or gender--that we are all constantly becoming." T Cooper, author of the novel Some of the Parts

"Becoming is a powerful, necessary collection of queer youth writing that should give us all faith in the next generation as they dissect, interrogate and celebrate who they are. This collection of bold, provocative, often challenging essays, stories, poems and interviews presents views that are (sadly) rarely heard, but deserve to be. These writers demand that we embrace them as part of the GLBT community on their own terms, and their strength, passion, talent and courage let us know that our future is in good hands." Rachel Kramer Bussel, reviser, The Lesbian Sex Book; Co-Author, The Erotic Writer's Market Guide, Co-Editor, Up All Night

"Becoming, with its broad range of rarely heard voices, is sure to bring comfort to those who identify and insight to those who don´t. Diane Anderson-Minshall and Gina de Vries have done queer youth, their friends and family, and the world of readers a great service." Lisa Jervis, publisher & editor, Bitch magazine.


It's hard not to notice queer people nowadays. It sounds simple, I know, but there are queer folks everywhere on television and magazine covers, in rock bands and at high schools. My friends have gay doctors and lesbian realtors and transgendered ministers and bisexual bosses. It's no longer such a surprise to find out somebody is homo. Young people, it seems, are the least non-plussed by sexuality. Queer kids are suing their schools for not protecting them; they're declaring their orientation in elementary school; they're reinventing the dictionary to encompass the permeations of their life. I was not one of these kids. I was not very brave.

It was still the 1980s when I came out. There was a Bush in the White House but otherwise little was as it is now. Back then, 18 or 19 were considered young. Heck, I knew Mormon housewives who were coming out at 45. They thought I was revolutionary. In all honesty, I had a cadre of queer friends in my rural Idaho high school. Each weekend we drove sixty miles to the cool, all-ages, new wave dance where boys wore lipstick and girls danced with each other and we snickered at the drag queens and bar dykes who peopled the shadowy dive next door. None of us were out. My first boyfriend the boy who gave me my first "real" kiss at 14 knew that he was gay long before that kiss (I knew that day). But we never talked about sexuality until we were in college. By that point, he'd had several boyfriends and I'd had a girlfriend for a year. A full closeted year where she and I double dated cute but clueless college boys who wondered why we spent so much time in the bathroom.

When I finally did come out, it shook my whole world. I moved dozens of times, transferred to six different colleges, and shifted all of my energies into queer activism. My parents were not pleased. I abandoned mainstream publishing for the burgeoning gay media. I found

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