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Canadian Social Policy Renewal, 1994-2000 9781552662533

Canadian Social Policy Renewal, 1994-2000

ISBN-10: 1552662535
ISBN-13: 9781552662533
PUBLISHER: Fernwood Publishing Company, Limited
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Product Description: NORA BROOKE has never been in love. Like most people, she has no memory of her previous lifetimes, or the soulmate she returns to in between lifetimes. The invisible world of she - and he-fairy entities is growing impatient with Nora's bad luck through centuries of misery and loneliness. With their help, this is about to change. Thirty-five years old and single - Nora considers a vacation. It is a decision that is about to turn her upside down, where she lands in Riga, Latvia on the coast of the Baltic Sea. OSKAR EGLE is about to change his life from a stranger innocently bumping into Nora's shoulder to becoming her closest friend, lover and husband. Not so quickly - though, Oskar's Aunt Kara - an evil fairy in disguise of a normal human being emerges from the dead carcass of a cat and wants nothing more than to interfere. With her team of crows and bats hidden in the midst of the normal world, Kara will stop at nothing short of bending fate. Kara's war on the unification of soulmates transforms her to an entity smaller than a pinhead on the bank of the River Daugava. IF YOU WANT TO fall in love, read this book. IF YOU WANT TO find your soulmate, have a closer look. IF YOU WANT TO explore what fairies, leprechauns and trolls implore -- what they do, where they live, how they work and hide from sight STEP IN AND LISTEN deep into the night for a pin dropping into a bottomless well telling all farewell, but what's left is treasure worth more than gold - more than any tangible hold. IN THIS BOOK YOU will find A chance made to unwind Secret doors with secret keys Secret messages aimed to please Good luck charms of chests and thimbles Travel to Seemingly Nowhere in symbols And the Spiritual Resting Place of All Things Repulsive Is a place for the most impulsive Board a ship, train or plane Rest in these words And stand much to gain Travel with me across the ocean With words of complete devotion. Excerpt from The Fairyselves: IF ONE STARES TOO INTENTLY at the constellations littered across a black velvet sky, they appear to move. When such things actually move, it is usually just one, and its tail blazes in a trail of fireworks. Everyone is amazed. It's how we know the eyes are not playing tricks on the brain. FAIRIES ARE LIKE THIS. If we have opportunity to see them, we are amazed. In matters of logic, we might certainly question if what we saw was actually real, or our imagination. Babies, toddlers - even those minds trapped in far away places suddenly rise from the living dead to see a blaze of sparkles and wings. Fairies, yes. Copyright 2012 Staley & Gailitis; MHP; Moncure, North Carolina, U.S.A. All Rights Reserved. "This book is a great read for any woman who has gotten caught up with the endless to-do list. Nora uses her imagination to escape, and escape she does. "Her journey leads her to a whole new to-do list in Latvia, where she connects with all the parts of herself she has lost along the way. She remembers who she really is, how to be in love, how to create magic, how to enjoy life and how to free her spirit "Her new powers even transform the evil in others." -- Beatrice R.D. Hair, MA.ED. "This delightful story tickles the imagination and leads the reader to places that, until now, were not explored." -- Debbie Staley "Author Helene Hinson Staley creates an enchanting story of eternal love that transcends time and space. She invites the reader to enter her fantasy world of human (and non-human) emotions and soulful beings. "Feel the warmth while on this fascinating journey of emotion." --William Styple

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PAGES: 208
CATEGORY: Political Science

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