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Esoteric Healing 9781577331629

Esoteric Healing

A Practical Guide Based on the Teachings of the Tibetan in the Works of Alice A. Bailey

ISBN-10: 1577331621
ISBN-13: 9781577331629
PUBLISHER: Blue Dolphin Publishing, Incorporated
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Product Description: Esoteric Healing is an indispensable and unique guide to spiritual healing, using current research in medical energetics and ancient sources of Ageless Wisdom. It provides guidelines for diagnosing, prescribing, and therapeutically utilizing specific energy forms intelligently and with intuitive understanding.Esoteric Healing studies the healing circuits, known as triangles, arranged on a basis of clinical diagnoses relating to particular systems. Expanded sections describe the use of the sense triangles in healing and triangles used in more advanced esoteric healing. Individual chapters deal with the application of these healing energies to oneself and also how to approach cancer and other major planetary influences. * Explanation of the esoteric cause and reason for disease * Detailed description of healing techniques * The esoteric purpose and opportunity offered by esoteric healing * Description of the seven energy bodies * Descriptions of the major and minor chakras system of energy in our body * How to heal from the soul and spiritual levels of the self * Step-by-step guidance to the art of esoteric healing with diagrams and photographs * How to use the triangle circuits of esoteric healing in each system of the body * Over 80 triangle circuits described and illustrated * Working with cancer and other serious conditions * Understanding the esoteric purpose of our cosmic universe * Self healing and distant healing * Advanced use of the rays with the chakras * The 7 healing techniques explained for practical use * Case histories * Quick reference summary * Extensive index, selective reading list, and bibliography * Rays, the chakras, and esoteric healing Table of ContentsPREFACEPurpose of this bookSoul-centered healingFulfillment of lawACKNOWLEDGMENTS1. ESOTERIC HEALING - A HIGHER DESIGNSome factors in health and diseaseThe three laws of health"Happiness"DiseaseSetting the forces flowingTrue healingMeditationThought power, a natural energyThe use of thought in healingHealing as compared to cureFailure of current healing methods2. FUTURE HEALING TECHNIQUESThe pastSome great healersModern timesClarifying the purpose of esoteric healingEsoteric healing definedAn interpretation of the definitionThe laws and rules of esoteric healingThe basic laws governing the soul in healing3. OUR SEVEN ENERGY BODIESAbout the bodiesThe constitution of manThe vital or etheric bodyThe emotional bodyThe mental bodyThe personalityThe soul bodiesThe higher mindThe intuitive soulThe spiritual soulThe monad4. THE PURPOSE OF DISEASEResults in the presentCauses of illnessWe can blame no one for the illness we haveDisease or illness is an opportunityThe immune systemResist and be changed5. OUR MAJOR LIFE CENTERSWhat is an etheric center?Base centerSacral centerSpleen centerSolar plexus centerHeart centerVagus nerve centerThroat centerAlta major centerAjna centerHead centerSummary6. THE ART OF ADMINISTERING ESOTERIC HEALINGHow does esoteric healing work?AlignmentHow to start healing esotericallyRadiatory healing techniqueTraining in a clinicHow to balance the centersThe hands in healingPhases of vital flowVisualizationBreathing techniquesBalancing the centersPracticing with the major centersMy first encounterBalancing the other major centersThe ajna centerBalancing and visualizationTransmittable forceDistant healingAppointmentsPreparation of the patientDualityConfidentialityAllocating the work to be done7. HOW TO USE THE TRIANGLE CIRCUITS OF ESOTERIC HEALINGUnderstanding the use of trianglesBeginning the act of healingA. Alignment and attunementB. DiagnosisC. Vitalization of the bodies of the patient - The vitality trianglesD. Esoteric healing treatment - Triangles used in esoteric healing: Options for each treatmentThe digestive systemThe base center and the spineThe reproductive systemAbove the diaphragmThe heart and circulatory systemThe respiratory systemThe nervous systemThe sensesUseful triangles in more advanced esoteric healingE. Closing and sealing the healing triangleBalancing the pairs of centersSummary of the healing procedure8. TREATING THE THREE INHERITED PLANETARY INFLUENCESThe spread of cancerAn esoteric viewEsoteric healing and cancerSyphilis, cancer and tuberculosisTabulation of the three planetary conditionsAPPENDIX A: Our cosmic purpose9. HEALING YOURSELF10. SEVEN ADVANCED "MAGICAL" HEALING TECHNIQUESRay I techniqueRay II techniqueRay III techniqueRay IV techniqueRay V techniqueRay VI techniqueRay VII technique11. CASE HISTORIES12. QUICK REFERENCE SUMMARYSummary of opening the healing treatmentThe triangles of esoteric healingThe triangles according to their governing center13. CONCLUSION14. ESOTERIC HEALING GROUP MEDITATION15. ANCIENT HEALING MANTRAMS16. USEFUL ADDRESSESAPPENDIX B: Photos Demonstrating the Triangle Circuits of Esoteric HealingNOTESBIBLIOGRAPHYSELECTED READINGINDEXExcerptTrue healingFrom the esoteric standpoint, true healing, healing that will change a person''s life and inner motivation, can only happen when the soul of the patient is involved. For this reason many so-called cures, where the person throws away the crutches and walks, usually do not last. A return to the former state is frequently worse than before, for the person feels utterly demoralized, "let down by God." True healing is not like this. It is seldom sudden, for it involves change and adjustment and reorientation from within. It calls upon the person to make decisions from within, decisions which the soul wants, not what the little personality desires. It usually involves mental and emotional change, by degrees through a self-imposed discipline and training. But true healing will often entail new habits of the body, nutritional change, and changes with regard to the body''s fitness, types of entertainment and relaxation. All these are influenced from within by esoteric healing, not imposed on the patient from without. We will learn later that few words are spoken during a consultation, neither by the healer to the patient, nor by the healers amongst themselves concerning the patient. It is a meditative, inner work, a subtle change of energies and forces by the patient in inner response to the healer''s challenge.Blue Dolphin Publishing, 2005

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PAGES: 384
CATEGORY: Body, Mind & Spirit, Medical

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