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Family Papers 9780065012224

Family Papers

A Reader for Writers

ISBN-10: 0065012224
ISBN-13: 9780065012224
PUBLISHER: Longman Publishing
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Product Description: 1. Family Stories. My Mother Never Worked, Donna Smith-Yackell. 1,500 Slave Descendants at Carolina Reunion. Halfway to Dick and Jane: A Puerto Rican Pilgrimage, Jack Agueros. Man That Was Almost a Man, Richard Wright. My Papa's Waltz, Theodore Roethke. Uncle Harold, Family Liar, Russell Baker. 2. Family Portraits. Chinese Photographs, American Snapshots, Maxine Hong Kingston. Brownsville Kitchen, Alfred Kazin. Kiowa Grandmother, N. Scott Momaday. House of Gudger, James Agee. Black Alexandra, Mark Mathabane. The Supremacy of Mother-in-Law Rule, Russell Baker. Brown Girl, Brownstones, Paule Marshall. Bronx Shtetl, Kate Simon. 3. Families Plural: Family and Culture. Culture, Clyde Kluckhohn. Shakespeare in the Bush, Laura Bohannan. Trial Marriages, Marjorie Shostak. Hopi Bride, American Bride, Helen Sekaquaptewa. Child-Keeping: Gimme a Little Sugar, Carol Stack. The Life and Times of Don Taso, Puerto Rican Sugar Cane Worker, Sidney Mintz. Those Winter Sundays, Robert Hayden. Southern Princess, Sallie Bingham. 4. The Family, Past Tense. Antecedentes, Edward Rivera. The American Family Then and Now , John Demos. African beginnings: The Seamless Web, Nathan Huggins. The World We Have Lost, Peter Laslett. England's Slums, Frederich Engels. Grandpatrimony, Barney Pace. 5. Today's Families. At Yankee Stadium, Don DeLillo. What Happened to the Family?, Jerrold Footlick. Rich Kids and Their Families, John Sedgwick. The Case Against Divorce, Diane Medved, Ph.D. TV, The Plug-in Drug, Marie Winn. Collapse of Inner-City Families Creates America's New Orphans, Jane Gross. LaJoe Anderson, Alex Kotlowitz. 6. The Family and Politics. If the Child Is Safe: A Struggle for America's Conscience and Future, Marion Wright Edelman. Family Word and Wage Work, Kenneth Kenniston. Stop Favoring Unwed Mothers, Charles Murray. The Child-Care Crisis Provokes a Response, Ellen Goodman. Distancing Ourselves from Pain and Tears: Holly's Story Jonathan Kozol. The Teflon Father, Letty Cottin Pogrebin. Not Enough Father Robert Bly. As Mother Killed Her Son, Protectors Observed Privacy, Celia W. Dugger. Requiring Classes in Divorce, Carol Lawson. Modest Proposal, Jonathan Swift. 7. Fiction's Families. The Yellow Wall-Paper, Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Soldier's Home, Ernest Hemingway. Four Summers, Joyce Carol Oates. Big Mama's Funeral, Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Boxes, Raymond Carver. Getting the Facts of Life, Paula Childress White.

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PAGES: 544
CATEGORY: Family & Relationships, Language Arts & Disciplines

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