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Long-Term Counselling 9780761950295

Long-Term Counselling

ISBN-10: 076195029X
ISBN-13: 9780761950295
PUBLISHER: SAGE Publications, Limited
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Product Description: `This book makes a welcome appearance in today''s climate where the stress is upon short-term, brief, focused counselling and therapy... the approach of the authors is comprehensive and thorough. They look at many issues which arise in the debate about long-term counselling... [it is] a very useful book for those in training. It would also be of interest to those already in practice who are involved in or considering long-term work. Where I think the book scores, especially in a society where many voices speak out against counselling in general and long-term counselling in particular, is that it constantly stresses the need for counsellors to remain open and aware, to take a professional approach, to be well-supported and supervised, to monitor their work, and to be concerned with their personal and professional development... I wish to give the authors credit for taking on the task of presenting the case for long-term counselling. They have treated the subject with care and respect, and have done credit to counselling''s "unsung craft" '' - British Journal of Guidance and Counselling

`Geraldine Shipton and Eileen Smith''s contribution goes a long way towards filling a gap in the literature. As such it is invaluable for counsellors, trainers and supervisors working in an area of counselling which is now more usually to be found in the private sector but which, the authors argue on grounds of humanity and economics, should be available for all who need it... a valuable source for all those working with clients long term'' - Counselling, The Journal of the British Association for Counselling

`The strength of this book comes from the authors'' obvious extensive experience of undertaking long-term counselling. It is crammed with insights, observations and anecdotes that could only have come from people who really do know the tribulations and occasional joys of this type of work'' - Clinical Psychology Forum

`The book pivots on six imaginary and convincing case studies, describing counselling within a variety of voluntary and statutory agencies, a range of client backgrounds, presenting problems, counsellor ability and outcome. These case presentations successfully lift the book out of the ordinary run of earnest contemplation of the counselling scene. The brain stays working; challenged and intrigued.... Rather like the best traditions in counselling, the book represents an astute balancing act. The structure, style and attitude of the book give the impression of an easy read but has has broad and deep ambitions. The co-authors achieve a digestible combination of new and old; intellect and feelings, skills and theory; good humour and hard work. They offer food for thought and development to readers from differing backgrounds and needs'' - Sally Day, Psychodynamic Counselling

Counselling can be a long-term process, whether by initial design or because of the emergence of new concerns within work originally planned as short-term or focused. Occasionally, counselling is long-term by default, when the counsellor or client cannot face ending or when the counsellor cannot enviSAGE other ways of working with a client. This book examines the complex and varied issues which can arise, with an emphasis throughout on skilled, professional and ethical practice.

Encouraging trainees and practitioners to think about the day-to-day realities and issues of long-term work, the book considers working parameters and issues of definition, setting and orientation. It also focuses on assessing and managing the work, and discusses the practical and emotional concerns which will require thought as the relationship between the counsellor and client is established, develops, or falters and ends. Detailed case histories illustrate who might benefit from long-term counselling and give some sense of the nature of the relationships which may arise in long-term work.

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