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Particulate Science and Technology 9780820602547

Particulate Science and Technology

ISBN-10: 082060254X
ISBN-13: 9780820602547
PUBLISHER: Chemical Publishing Company, Incorporated
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Product Description: Contents - PrefaceIntroduction Chapter 1 In the Scheme of Things 3 1.1 Particulate Science and Technology 31.2 Our Realm 5 Chapter 2 The Single Particle 10 2.1 The Primacy of the Single Particle 102.2 Concept and Definition of a Particle 132.3 The Particle Surface 352.4 The Subsurface Region 502.5 Interior of the Particle 582.6 Particle Size 592.7 Conception and Definitions of Shape 62 Chapter 3 The Formation and Production of Particulates 77 3.1 The Several Processes 773.2 Atomization of Metal Powders 793.3 Spraying and Atomizing 833.4 Comminution 983.5 Crystallization 1303.6 Production of Fine Powders 1353.7 Granulation 1363.8 Aerosol Particle Generation 1503.9 Ultrasmall Particles and Clusters 154 Chapter 4 The Processing and Handling of Particulate Matter 167 4.1 Current State of the Art 1674.2 Flow and Storage of Particulate Solids 1694.3 Conveyance and Flow of Particulate Solids 1884.4 Particulate Beds 2044.5 Mixing of Particulate Solids 2154.6 Solid-Liquid Mixing 2384.7 Interparticle Separation Technology 2424.8 Laboratory Separation Techniques 2514.9 Particle-Fluid Separation 2554.10 Compaction of Particulate Matter 2794.11 Sintering 291 Chapter 5 Description of Particulate Assemblies 311 5.1 Description of Particle Sets 3115.2 Properties of Particle and Particle Sets as Influenced by Variations in Particle Size and Particle Shape 3135.3 Fundamental Statistical Concepts 3285.4 Mean Diameters 3345.5 Shape Factors 3385.6 Distribution Functions and Functional Model 3505.7 Test of Statistical Hypothesis (Statistical Inference) 3565.8 Particle Size Data Types I and II 3585.9 Calculation of Sample Statistics and Data ComparisonFinite Interval Model 3595.10 Summary of Methods for Finite Interval Data 3645.11 General Types of Log Normal Functions 3665.12 Comparison of Sample Statistics-Log Normal Model 3695.13 Surface Area and Specific Surface Calculations 3725.14 Other Distributions 3735 .15 Chapter Notations and Definitions 377 Chapter 6 Fine Particle Characterization 387 6.1 From Past to Future 3876.2 Size AnalysiS and Sampling 3896.3 Fundamentals of Methods for Determining Particle Size 4026.4 Principles of Shape Determination Methods 4136.5 Pattern Recognition and Particulate Characterization 4286.6 On the Design of a System for Particle Shape Analysis 4366.7 Feature Extraction 4546.8 Particle Signature and the Meloy Equations 4666.9 Property Representation 4826.10 Principles of Stereology 4986.11 Deterministic, Statistical and Fuzzy Classifiers 5046.12 Interpretation of Coefficients 524 Chapter 7 Physical-Chemical Properties 544 7.1 An Elementary Starting Point 5447.2 Visual Appearance 5447.3 Absorption 5527.4 Electrical Properties 5647.5 Brownian Motion 5707.6 Chemical Properties 5747.7 Adhesion and Deposition of Particles 5817.8 Particle Characteristics Important in Deposition 5907.9 Magnetism 6117.10 Thermal Conductivity 625 Chapter 8 Hazards 640 8.1 The Threat to Humankind 6408.2 Dust Explosions 6408.3 Health Hazards 6468.4 Deserts and Sand Movement 6578.5 Dust Flame Propagation 6618.6 Health Hazard Case Studies 667Author Index 680Subject Index 694

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