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Paul's Gathering or Prewrath Perversion? 9780975486900

Paul's Gathering or Prewrath Perversion?

The Falling Away of the Last Days

ISBN-10: 097548690X
ISBN-13: 9780975486900
PUBLISHER: Midweek Publishing
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Product Description: PAUL''S GATHERING or Prewrath PERVERSION? The Falling Away of the Last Days (D-B1)This is the first book written which REILLUMINATES and DEFINES the biblical gathering of the Body of Christ. It is the Midweek Rapture, dispensationally taught, as revealed to Paul the apostle. This book is not only a THESIS of the Midweek Rapture, with charts, diagrams, and explanations contained therein, along with a SYSTEMATIC presentation of the doctrine; but it is also set AGAINST the modern day ?heresy? of the prewrath rapture, identifying the errors and distortions of scripture, as taught by its promoters.Rosenthal, VanKampen, and especially Heidi Nigro's contentions are all examined, and PROVED to be ?unreliable foolishness? and the work of bible incompetents, who base their ideas on the OVERTHROW and REJECTION of the stated ministry of Paul and on their OPINIONS of the rendering of English words from Greek and Hebrew texts in OPPOSITION to the Authorized Version King James Bible. The book will also touch on the errors of midtribulationists, posttribulationism, and PREWEEK rapturism. The day of the Lord and its difference from the day of Christ, the manner of the gathering, along with PRECISE TIMING, the secret appearance of the Lord, the ?glories? associated with more than ONE appearance of the Lord, the "consecutiveness or overlap" of Revelation''s seals, trumpets, and vials, the trump and trumpets MISIDENTIFICATION with arguments, and the IDENTIFICATION of the "last trump" are all GIVEN by direct prooftexts. NONE of these points have been been presented correctly by other rapturists as seen stated within the Holy Bible. This book is ?unique? for it is not midtribulationism or preweek rapturism (commonly called Pretrib rapturism), but THE CORRECT THESIS of the ?fact? of the PRETRIBULATION RAPTURE taught by Paul the apostle. It is Paul's GATHERING, the mystery of 1 Cor.15-1 Thess.4, which is a MIDWEEK Rapture of the Body of Christ. This is an ?OLD? truth from the Scriptures, NEWLY presented for this day and age of faithful believers WITHIN THE BODY OF CHRIST, searching for more revealed truth from God's Book. It is a "confirmation" of the correct system of bible interpretation REILLUMINATED by Darby, Scofield, and Larkin, which is PAULINE DISPENSATIONALISM. It is not a RAPTURE VIEW, which has ever been in print before. It stands AGAINST the "apostasy" which SATURATES the body of Christ IN THESE LAST DAYS! It gives PREEMINENCE to the Reformation text of the King James Bible, and HONOURS the words of God, as found therein. The opinions of "amateur linguists AND scholars of Greek and Hebrew" are CORRECTED by the words of the Holy Bible in English, for God Almighty''s revelation of himself IN A BOOK is "certainly" believed by this author. If you are an avid Bible reader AND an earnest believer, you will grasp the material immediately. If you are an HONEST and TRUE ?student? of eschatology and rapturism, you will see the foolish errors of all the others. If you are a bible rejecter and perverter, you will be CONVICTED by the "testimony of the Holy Spirit of God" WITHIN HIS BOOK to your condemnation in belief of your "heretical" system.The book is NEW INSIGHT FROM THE HOLY BIBLE (as was that given unto Darby, Scofield, and Larkin) and has many charts whereby the reader can follow the "logical" progression of thought documented by the verses. There are approximately 430 pages with 38 charts.Retail price is $19.95. Midweek Publishing price is $16.00.TABLE OF CONTENTSDedication Acknowledgments The Doctrinal Thesis of Paul's Gathering at Midweek The Thesis and Errors of Prewrath Rapturism The Author's Note The Author's Beliefs Short Note: Identifying the Problem Foreword- Forward or Backward? The Questionable Setup? Introduction 1. The Great Magician 2. God's Wrath, The Hoax of Prewrath Terminology 3. Optical Illusions of the Blind? 4. A Hard Day's Night 5. Christ is Lord, but CERTAINLY not here! 6. The Strained Restrainer (Huh?) 7. The LAST, One and Only, Visible Return? Not! 8. Unscheduled Coming, Unbelieving Witness, Untold Appearances, and Unknown Ministry) 9. Good Grief: Gathering and Glory 10. Ignorant Treachery: OT Prophecy is Pauline Mystery 11. Opposites Attract 12. The Midst (The Wrath to come, the Axe, and the HEWER) 13. Sounds of Trumpets (Harry James would commit Hari?Kari!) 14. The Body of Christ, Bullinger, and Bible Babblers 15. The Mysteries of Mental Malignancy 16. Whot? Hoppened John? Where we at? 17. Final Notes on the Prewrath Apostasy EpilogueBibliography Referenced Chart IndexPaul's Gathering at Midweek Three Future Appearances Prewrath Rapture Preweek Rapture (Traditional pretribulation rapture) Posttrib Rapture (Dispensational posttribulationism) Midtribulation Rapture The 12 Apostles and Paul Pauline Doctrinal Truth and Apostasy The Days Wrath of God-Wrath to Come The Seals of Revelation The Wrath to Come The Gospels and Overlap of Minstries in Acts Signs in the Sun, Moon, and Stars The Lord, Moses, and Elijah Great Days of the Holy Bible Elements and Definitions of a Biblical Day Definitions Relative to the Day of the Lord Midweek Appearance of Lord-The Day of the Lord One in Three-Three in One Day of Christ-Day of the Lord (Inclusive Events) Day of Christ (Falling Away and Revelation of Man of Sin) The Coming-Gathering of 2 Thess.2 The Bruising of Satan's Head Thrones-Kingdoms-Appearances Secret Appearance of the Lord Classification of Appearances Appearances (Relationship to Time of Day) Gathering and Glory (Distinctions in Appearances) Dispensational Timeline Trumpets and Tribulation Luke 17 (The Day of the Son of Man) Days and Day of the Son of Man (The Kingdom of God) Sounds of Trumpets Paul's Dispensational Terminology for Saints The Mysteries of Rom.11, 1 Cor.15, and Rev.10 The Seals, Trumpets, and Vials (The Order) The Seals, Trumpets, and Vials of Revelation

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