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President Who? 9780975262757

President Who?

Forgotten Founders

ISBN-10: 0975262750
ISBN-13: 9780975262757
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Product Description: President Who? Forgotten Founders In this landmark work on Early Presidential History, Historian Stanley L. Klos unravels the complex birth of the US Presidency while providing captivating biographies on the Four Presidents of the Continental Congress and ten Presidents of the United States before George Washington. The book is filled with actual photographs of Pre-Constitutional letters, resolutions, treaties, and laws enacted by the Confederation Congress and signed by the Presidents of the Confederation Congress as ?President of the United States.'From the United Colonies Birth in 1774 to the Constitutional Convention of 1787 the author clearly and concisely maps out the role and duties of the Presidents who led the fledging nation through the Revolutionary War and the formation of the United States under the Articles of Confederation. Accounts include the birth of the Presidency and the United Colonies in Philadelphia's City Tavern (Yes the first ?convening? of the Continental Congress occurred in a tavern), the US Capitol ?road show? as it moved from town to town fleeing the British Military Forces, the 1781ratification of the Articles of Confederation in Philadelphia forming the first US Presidency, the entire US Government being held hostage in Independence Hall in 1783 by it own Military, the near collapse of Confederation Government in 1786 due to its failure to govern under the threat of Shay's Rebellion, the rebirth of the United States under the Philadelphia Convention of 1787 called to revise the Articles of Confederation and finally President Abraham Lincoln's use of the Articles of Confederation as his central legal argument to ?Preserve the Perpetual Union of the United States of America? in 1861. President Who? Forgotten Founders brings to life the Presidential Personalities from 1774 to 1788 and most importantly sets the historical record straight on Who, Samuel Huntington not George Washington, was the First US President and which State, Virginia not Delaware, was the first to form the Perpetual Union of the United States of America.PRAISE FOR: President Who -- Forgotten Founders.This is a brilliant and most enjoyable book which helps us to rediscover our rich history and heritage. Stan Klos clearly establishes that Virginia -- not Delaware -- became the first State in the Perpetual Union of the United States America .... because it was the first to ratify the Articles of Confederation (1779). You too will want to read his documentation complete with photographs and facsimiles of primary source documents of our lively and enlightening Americana history. -- G. William Thomas, Jr., President, James Monroe Memorial Foundation A well-written and extremely thought provoking piece of historical scholarship. By using extensive primary source materials, Stan Klos effectively proves his point that from 1781 to 1789 ten men served as President of the United States in Congress Assembled. Mr. Klos does not wish to displace George Washington as "Father of Our Country." Rather, Mr. Klos is seeking recognition for Washington''s predecessors. A must read for anyone interested in American Presidential history.-- Greg Priore Archivist, William R. Oliver Special Collections Room Carnegie Library of PittsburghIt is a masterpiece in defining presidential history. Stanley Klos clearly presents the historic path of the presidency beginning with the first President of the United States in Congress Assembled Samuel Huntington, to the eleventh President, George Washington. It is a must read for any serious student of American History. - Senator Bill Stanley President of the Norwich Historical Society a thought provoking argument for righting our history books about the very early years of our democracy. Samuel Huntington, His Excellency the President of the United States in Congress Assembled, indeed!- Lee Langston-Harrison, Curator James Madison's MontpelierQuick who was the first U.S. President? Wrong! At least, so this site tells us documenting, as it does, no fewer than 10 possible holders of the office between 1774 and 1778. These ten men were the leaders of the Confederation Congress and Continental Congress, which (as you know if you read clear through that John Adams biography like you said you did) preceded Mr. Washington s inauguration in 1789. Deep historical truth? Trivial anomaly? Read all about it and decide for yourself on this absorbing corner of the great site. -- Hot Sites Support Staff USA TODAY

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