Reflections in Black 9780759656154

Reflections in Black

Travails of Blacks in America

ISBN-10: 0759656150
ISBN-13: 9780759656154
PUBLISHER: AuthorHouse
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This book is not intended to be another history of blacks in America, although I have explored the history of blacks to make my point. This book was conceived and written to sound the alarm that blacks in America, despite modest gains, continue to languish in a perpetual state of despair. The time is fast running out for blacks to take control of our destiny.

The status of blacks after 400 years of slavery and segregation stands in stark contrast to the status of white European immigrants and others that migrate to America and become first-class citizens by virtue of their white skin the minute they enter the country while blacks flounder in the abyss of second-class citizenship. These immigrants come to America having contributed nothing to the building and well being of the country. Blacks meanwhile have worked their fingers to the bones to build America, fought in every war from the Revolutionary War to the war in Kosovo, yet blacks receive no respect.

I explore how blacks have continuously fallen victim to the barren rhetoric of equality, and at each juncture of our history in this country we have been disappointed and defrauded.

After the Civil War blacks were given the ballot only to be sold out by the national government when it made a deal with former Confederates to remove national troops protecting the rights of blacks to vote and live as "free" men and women. The removing of federal troops from the South essentially opened the door to the virtual re-enslavement of blacks.

I maintain that because white America continues to hold the social, political and economic power in this country, it possesses all of the necessary power to completely re-enslave blacks. Blacks still exist in America at the will of the white majority.

During the writing of this book, I have drawn liberally from my experiences of growing up in the racially oppressive atmosphere of Selma, Alabama. I have attempted to use Selma as a microcosm to present and display the ills of a racist and sick society. I have endeavored to show how slavery and segregation created mistrust and division among blacks throughout America that continue to afflict us today.

Despite the injustices and humiliations visited upon the black people of Selma, Alabama, the lives of those of us who grew up there and suffered the degradation of racism and discrimination, are only important when viewed in the greater context of the injustices experienced by millions of black people all over America. If such injustices had occurred to only those blacks born and reared in Selma, Alabama, these injustices would not have been necessarily be noteworthy. The treatment blacks suffered in Selma becomes important only when considered in the context of the severe toll the white supremacy system has exacted from blacks for generations in every corner of America.

I examine how blacks in America have been compelled to conduct one civil rights campaign after another to secure rights that others secure as a matter of birth. I contend that each civil rights movement has been characterized by begging and pleading with white America for human rights that are only the Creator's to dispense.

Since blacks were brought to America in shackles, white America has dictated the nature and extent of the rights to which blacks were entitled. It has become crystal clear to me that no people have ever achieved its freedom by begging and pleading with its oppressor. The cost of freedom has always been paid for in the blood of both the oppressed and the oppressor. The freedom of blacks will cost no less. As long as whites hold sway to the freedom of blacks in this country, blacks will remain essentially slaves.

Finally, I take a glimpse at how from the "peculiar i

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