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The Elements of Moral Philosophy 9780071198769

The Elements of Moral Philosophy | 4th Edition

ISBN-10: 0071198768
ISBN-13: 9780071198769
PUBLISHER: McGraw-Hill Companies, The
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Product Description: PrefaceAbout the Fourth EditionCHAPTER 1: WHAT IS MORALITY?The Problem of DefinitionFirst Example: Baby TheresaSecond Example: Jodie and MaryThird Example: Tracy LatimerReason and ImpartialityThe Minimum Conception of MoralityCHAPTER 2: THE CHALLENGE OF CULTURAL RELATIVISMHow Different Societies Have Different Moral CodesCultural RelativismThe Cultural Differences ArgumentThe Consequences of Taking Cultural Relativism SeriouslyWhy There is Less Disagreement than it SeemsHow All Cultures Have Some Values in CommonJudging a Cultural Practice to be UndesirableWhat Can be Learned from Cultural RelativismCHAPTER 3: SUBJECTIVISM IN ETHICSThe Basic Idea of Ethical SubjectivismThe Evolution of the TheoryThe First Stage: Simple SubjectivismThe Second Stage: EmotivismAre There Any Moral Facts?Are There Proofs in Ethics?The Question of HomosexualityCHAPTER 4: DOES MORALITY DEPEND ON RELIGION?The Presumed Connection Between Morality and ReligionThe Divine Command TheoryThe Theory of Natural LawReligion and Particular Moral IssuesCHAPTER 5: PSYCHOLOLOGICAL EGOISMIs Unselfishness Possible?The Strategy of Reinterpreting MotivesTwo Arguments in Favor of Psychological EgoismClearing Away Some ConfusionsThe Deepest Error in Psychological EgoismCHAPTER 6: ETHICAL EGOISMIs There a Duty to Help Starving People?Three Arguments in Favor of Ethical EgoismThree Arguments Against Ethical EgoismCHAPTER 7: THE UTILITARIAN APPROACHThe Revolution in EthicsFirst Example: EuthanasiaSecond Example: Nonhuman AnimalsCHAPTER 8: THE DEBATE OVER UTILITARIANISMThe Classical Version of the TheoryIs Happiness the Only Thing That Matters?Are Consequences All That Matter?Should We be Equally Concerned for Everyone?The Defense of UtilitarianismCHAPTER 9: ARE THERE ANY ABSOLUTE MORAL RULES?Harry Truman and Elizabeth AnscombeThe Categorical ImperativeAbsolute Rules and the Duty Not to LieConflicts Between RulesAnother Look at Kant's Basic IdeaCHAPTER 10: KANT AND RESPECT FOR PERSONSThe Idea of Human DignityRetribution and Utility in the Theory of PunishmentKant's RetributivismCHAPTER 11: THE IDEA OF A SOCIAL CONTRACTHobbes's ArgumentThe Prisoner's DilemmaSome Advantages of the Social Contract Theory of MoralsThe Problem of Civil DisobedienceCHAPTER 12: FEMINISM AND THE ETHICS OF CAREDo Women and Men Think Differently About Ethics?Implications for Moral JudgmentImplications for Ethical TheoryCHAPTER 13: THE ETHICS OF VIRTUEThe Ethics of Virtue and the Ethics of Right ActionThe VirtuesSome Advantages of Virtue EthicsThe Problem of IncompletenessCHAPTER 14: WHAT WOULD A SATISFACTORY MORAL THEORY BE LIKE?Morality Without HubrisTreating People as They Deserve and Other MotivesMultiple-Strategies UtilitarianismThe Moral CommunityJustice and FairnessConclusionSuggestions for Further ReadingNotes on SourcesIndex

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PAGES: xi, 218
CATEGORY: Philosophy

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