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The Followers of Horus 9780946897445

The Followers of Horus

Studies Dedicated to Michael Allen Hoffmann

ISBN-10: 0946897441
ISBN-13: 9780946897445
PUBLISHER: Oxbow Books, Limited
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Product Description: Amongst Egyptologists young and old Michael Hoffman is remembered with great affections; this volume of studies in Ancient Egypt is offered as a tribute to his memory. Contributions are: Three Questions for the Archaeologist (William Y Adams), On Ethnographic Analogies (Christian E Guksch), Michael Hoffman in Cairo (Georgette Scarzella), Settlement at Predynastic Hierakonpolis (Fred Harlan), Beer in Egypt (Jeremy Geller), Antibiotics Produced through Grain Storage Practices: recognition and implications for the Egyptian Predynastic (James O Mills), Chipped Stone-Working Craftsmen in Egypt (Diane L Holmes), Predynastic Egyptian Finewares (Hany Hamroush, Michael Lockhart and Ralph Allen), Mammalian Fauna at Hierakonpolis (John E McArdle), Development of Civilization in Egypt and South Asia (Walter A Fairservis), Sequence of Artists Strokes on the Lid from Hierakonpolis (May Trad), Two Lions from Upper Egypt: Hierakonpolis and Koptos (Barbara Adams), Hierakonpolis Ivories in Oxford (Helen Whitehouse), Status of Early Egyptian Temples (David O'Connor), Excavations at Hk64 (Renee Friedman), Predynastic Animal-headed Boats (Michael A Berger), Cenozoic Rivers: the Nile Problem (Bathay Issawi and John F. McCauley), Late Pleistocene Human Occupation of the Suez Rift, Egypt (Susan L Gawarecki and Steven K Perry), Dating Saharan Rock Art (Alfred Muzzolini), Neolithic Food Economies in the Eastern Sahara (Fred Wendorf and Angela Close), Predynastic Hearths in Upper Egypt (Pierre M Vermeesch, Etienne Paulissen, Dirk Huyge, Katherine Newmann, William Van Neer and Philip Van Peer), Carbon-14 Dates from El Omari (Bodil Mortensen), Neolithic-Predynastic Transition in the Fayum Depression (Robert J Wenke and Douglas J Brewer), Predynastic Chronology at Naqada (Joan Crowfoot Payne), Measuring Social Inequality at Armant (William A Griswold), Predynastic Cemeteries at Khozam (Stan Hendrickx), Another Predynastic Pot with Forged Decoration (Carter Lupton), Two Ivory Boxes from Graves at Minshat Abu Omar (Karla Kroeper and Lech Krzyzaniak), Architecture with Niches at Buto (Thomas von der Way), Egyptian Desert and Prehistory (Joseph Majer), Making of Egypt (Harry S Smith), Des scenes zoomorphes predynastiques en relief (Krzysztof M Cialowicz), Horus Krokodil (Gunter Dreyer), Evaluation of the "Thinite" Potmarks (Edwin C M van den Brink), Origins of Egyptian Writing (Kathryn A. Bard), Mythogenesis of Power in the Early Egyptian State (Fekri Hassan), Egyptian Weeds of Antiquity (M Nabil El Hadidi), A Burial with an Unusual Plaster Mask in the Western Cemetery of Khufu's Pyramid (Zahi A Hawass), Once Again the Date of the New Kingdom Pylon at Edfu (William J Murnane and Frank J Yurco), UNECSO, Egypt and the U.S.

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