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The Tree of Liberty Vol. 1 & 2 9780801858123

The Tree of Liberty Vol. 1 & 2 | 2nd Edition

A Documentary History of Rebellion and Political Crime in America

ISBN-10: 0801858127
ISBN-13: 9780801858123
PUBLISHER: Johns Hopkins University Press
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Product Description: Benedict Arnold and Cesar Chavez, John Wilkes Booth and Martin Luther King, Sirhan Sirhan, the Berrigans, the Founding Fathers, and the suffragists -- all have engaged in political behavior defined at one time or another as "criminal." Though the fire and fury of some of these names have been dimmed by the passage of time, their protest, civil disobedience, and even rebellion are refreshed in every American generation. Now revised and expanded, this widely praised and monumental work (awarded "Best Book in Law" by the Association of American Publishers) chronicles the uninterrupted and ongoing story of dissent, disobedience, violence, and rebellion in America, from the colonial era to the Oklahoma City bombing. New to this edition are documents dealing with acts that again challenge the limits of acceptable rebellion -- documents relating to such topics as the Iran-Contra affair, the Waco siege, the capture of Manuel Noriega, church arson, the struggle for cyberspace, the Republic of Texas, and the Unabomber. Political criminals are as diverse as American society and history. They are not always violent, and some are not even activists. Their crimes might be merely failing to perform legal duties, such as swearing allegiance to the nation or ignoring the draft. They may active protestors, refusing to send their children to public school, proclaiming their independence from the United States, taking on the Ku Klux Klan or bombing abortion clinics. Even entire groups of people, such as the Cherokees in the 1830s, the Japanese-Americans during World War II, or Latin immigrants in the 1990s, can be treated as criminals, their property seized and their liberty denied. The rights of women to vote and workers to strike, taken for granted today, have their roots in acts that the state once prosecuted. Echoes of these past struggles may resound today in fights for prayer in school and for animal rights. Available as a single hardcover or in two paperback volumes (the first ranging from colonial times through World War II, and the second dealing with the Cold War era to the New World Order), The Tree of Liberty focuses on these and other issues in documents that span an extraordinary range. Supreme Court decisions and newspaper accounts, presidential proclamations and anarchist flyers, speeches, trial transcripts, diaries, letters, laws, media broadcasts, and Internet postings -- the more than 400 documents in The Tree of Liberty forcefully demonstrate how challenges to government and authority have shaped the nation's thought, history, and freedom. An introductory note places each document in its historical context. Taken together, these headnotes constitute a narrative history of dissent in the United States. The book's full concordance enables readers to trace the development of specific issues -- terrorism or states' rights, civil disobedience or assassination, through the country's past and present.

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PAGES: 896
CATEGORY: Law, Political Science

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