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Voices of Dissent 9780065011449

Voices of Dissent

Critical Readings in American Politics

ISBN-10: 0065011449
ISBN-13: 9780065011449
PUBLISHER: Addison-Wesley Educational Publishers, Incorporated
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Product Description: This distinctive reader is the only collection of truly critical readings on American government available. Its approach takes readers beyond the mainstream debate between liberalism and conservatism and stimulates them to think deeply about the American political system. New Readings in the Seventh Edition Michelle Goldberg tackles the role of Christian fundamentalism in "Kingdom Coming: Resisting the Power of the Christian Right," and Brooke Allen examines the accepted wisdom that the Constitution is rooted in the Framers' belief in a God in "Our Godless Constitution." Matt Taibbi explores the internal workings of the legislative branch in "Four Amendments and a Funeral: Inside the House of Horrors that is Congress." Jennifer Van Bergen in "The 'Unitary Executive' and the Threat to Democratic Government" and Mark Tushnet in "Democracy Versus Judicial Review" investigate challenges to the democratic functioning of government institutions during the Bush years. Susan George in "A Short History of Neo-Liberalism," and Paul Krugman in "The Tax-Cut Con" focus our attention on the myths and distortions of the ideology of unbridled capitalism. Steven Hill in "Ten Steps to Improve Our Democracy," and Jared Bernstein in "All Together Now: Common Sense for a Fair Economy" offer detailed suggestions for how we might extend real democratic governance both politically and economicaliy. Bill Moyers examines the many failings of the news media in providing comprehensive and unbiased reporting in "Take Public Broadcasting Back." The authors also contribute their own new pieces: Patricia Siplon and William Grover present a study on HIV-AIDS policy in "Congressional Inertia: Iron Triangles Old and New" and Joseph Peschek gives an analysis of the presidency of George W. Bush in light of the 2006 elections and the ongoing war with Iraq in "George W. Bush's Imperial Presidency." Book jacket.

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PAGES: 320
CATEGORY: Political Science

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